Water Distribution Master Planning


  • Network modeling using:

    • WaterCad
    • H2O Net
    • EPA Net
    • KY Pipe


  • Model calibration and verification

  • Steady-state and extended period

  • Population predictions and future demand computations

  • Assessment of alternatives


City of Piedmont Water System Master Plan

  • Determine current problems and develop alternatives for addressing
  • Identify problems that will arise in system as demands increase
  • Determine upgrades needed to accommodate future growth
  • Determine trigger levels for phasing in the needed improvements
  • Modeled system with WaterCad software

Bethel Rural Water System Model

  • Planning study to address low pressure and pump station energy consumption problems
  • Created EPA Net extended period simulation model of distribution system
  • Used consumption and flow records to develop system loadings
  • Simulated various pump and tower operation plans to determine the best combination of pipe, pump, and tower improvements

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