University Research Projects 


TR-55 Improvements

    Ongoing project to improve the NRCS TR-55 "Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds" model and incorporate sediment control components. This required adapting the Sedimot III model for use in multiple simulations of varying control structure, channel, and watershed characteristics. The Sedimot III model is an extension of Sedimot II (the computation engine for Sed Cad), adding in the capability to model in-channel erosion and deposition and improved hydraulic routing.    

US Golf Association Pesticide and Nutrient Runoff Analysis  

    Analyzed runoff and pesticide concentration data to identify improved sampling and analysis techniques for simulated rainfall experiments.    

City of Stillwater Infrastructure Modeling

    Completed the technical components of a grant funded project involving water distribution and sewage collection system modeling. For both systems, models were set up and calibrated, training sessions and technical support were provided for city employees, along with reference manuals for their use after completion of the project.  The sewer modeling portion also included an evaluation of the inflow and infiltration expected from 2- through 25-year rainfall events and an assessment of problem areas in the system. The city currently uses the model to evaluate the impact of proposed new construction. The water system portion included an assessment of the ability of the system to handle fire demands in critical areas of the city.    

EPA Wellhead Protection Analysis

    Conducted a thorough evaluation of a request from an oil producer to allow injection wells in a particular aquifer.    

Dr. Stevens' Ph.D. Dissertation

    Completed studies involving flood flow frequency and approximate variance accuracy. Presented papers at the national ASCE Hydraulics meeting in San Francisco and at the ICUSD urban drainage conference in Niagara Falls, Canada.    



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