Stormwater and Flood Control Planning


  • Rainfall - runoff studies
    • Gage data analysis
    • HEC-HMS analysis
    • TR-55 and rational method
  • Modeling open and closed conduit drainage systems
    • HEC-RAS
    • SWMM
    • Unsteady flow - UNET or HEC-RAS ver. 3.0
  • Detention systems
  • Alternative and impact assessment


City of Piedmont Master Drainage Plan

  • Assessment of current capacity of open drainage and culvert system
  • Evaluated channel, culvert, detention, and non-structural options for relieving flooding in the basin
  • Modeled system components using HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, and FHWA HY-8.

City of Tulsa - South Bolewood Storm Drainage Improvements

  • Assessment of deficiencies and potential improvements to underground storm drainage system
  • Modeled system using EPA SWMM-EXTRAN model
  • Used model to determine optimum piping to pass design runoff without manhole overtopping
  • EXTRAN model required since system under pressure flow at peak discharge and backwater from Arkansas River
  • Evaluated detention alternatives using HEC-1

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