Sanitary Sewer Planning and Modeling


  • Master planning for sewer extensions

  • Evaluation of monitoring data for dry weather flow and inflow/infiltration

  • Modeling sewer hydraulics with EPA-SWMM or similar programs

  • Analysis of population data to estimate sewer loadings

  • Projecting future needs and designing phased-in projects to meet those needs


City of Ada - Sanitary Sewer Inflow/Infiltration and Rehabilitation Studies

  • Planned and conducted a long-term monitoring study at several locations in system 
  • Used monitoring results to determine average and peak dry weather flows 
  • Used monitoring results to determine amount of infiltration and areas most prone to infiltration 
  • Correlated with rainfall data to evaluate impact of various amounts of rainfall on system

(Served as a consultant to Merco Consultants on this project)

City of Stillwater Sanitary Sewer Model

  • Build a computer model of the Stillwater System for use by city employees to evaluate impact of proposed development
  • Researched capabilities/costs of various public domain and vendor-provided models
  • Selected SWMM-EXTRAN (XP software version) due to presence of backwater effects, pressure flow, and possible looping
  • Researched plans filed with city
  • Supplemented data and reconciled discrepancies using GPS and conventional surveying
  • Estimated system loadings based on census block data - only monitored flow data available was at wastewater treatment plan
  • Adjusted model so that overall system flows agreed with measured flows
  • Model is still being used to assess requests from developers to tie into sanitary sewers

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