Consulting Engineering Projects


Water Distribution Master Plan, Piedmont, Oklahoma

    Part of interdisciplinary team evaluating current and long-term needs of Piedmont water system.  Currently working on updating and calibrating hydraulic model (WaterCad software).  Model will be used to perform extended period simulations to assess storage and well field operations.  (Painter Consulting Engineers, City of Piedmont)  

Master Drainage Plan, Deer Creek

    Prepared master drainage plan for Deer Creek, Tributary 5A, Piedmont, Oklahoma.  Conducted HEC-HMS analysis to determine sub-watershed peak flows and evaluate detention storage alternative.  Used HEC-RAS to evaluate channel improvement alternatives and replacement box culvert under State Highway 4.  Prepared report and recommendations.  (Painter Consulting Engineers, City of Piedmont)  

Water Distribution Master Plan, City of Oklahoma City

    Provide general assistance in hydraulic analysis of system components, including Bluff Creek Canal, Seven-Mile Pipe, and Lake Hefner inlet tower and treatment works.  Evaluated long-term siltation of Lake Overholser.  (Painter Consulting Engineers, Montgomery Watson, City of Oklahoma City)  

GRDA Dam System

    Revision of rating curves for Pensacola and Kerr Dams to reflect change in maximum gate opening. Evaluated impacts of changed gate opening on water surface elevations using NWS Dambreak model. (Atkins-Benham/Grand River Dam Authority)  

Brock and Chisholm Creeks, Oklahoma City

    Modeled proposed channel improvements. Analysis included determination of run-up from superelevation and momentum analysis of hydraulic jump. Prepared application for FEMA CLOMR. (Painter Consulting Engineers/City of Oklahoma City)  

Vance Air Force Base Taxiway Improvements

    Determined peak flows and sized drainage channels for taxiway improvements at Vance Air Force Base. (Atkins-Benham)  

Creek Turnpike, Tulsa

    Design channel improvements and detention storage to offset rise in water surface caused by bridge piers in the floodway. Used HEC-RAS to develop preliminary cross section modifications and baseline profiles. Used UNET (Unsteady Flow in Channel Networks, developed by HEC, 1997 version) to compute effect of diverting flow out of the main channel into the detention area. Prepared application for FEMA CLOMR. (Painter Consulting Engineers/Oklahoma Transportation Authority)  

Sanitary Sewer Infiltration Analysis, Ada

    Evaluation of monitoring data to identify problem areas and excess flows associated with rainwater inflow and infiltration. (Painter Consulting Engineers/City of Ada)  

Vensel Creek, Tulsa

    Evaluated channel instability and erosion/deposition in a residential subdivision. Developed alternatives for channel improvements to control erosion. Used HEC-RAS and SCS methodology for vegetated channels. (Private landowners)  

AEC Dam, Alabama

    Evaluated pre- and post-dam breaching water surface profiles to determine inflow design flood and damages for series of power generation dams. Used NWS Dambreak Model for unsteady flow routing. (Atkins-Benham/Alabama Electric Cooperative)  

Grand Lake Flooding Analysis, Oklahoma

    Simulation of major flood events with and without the dam to assess the impact of the dam on upstream flooding. Used HEC-2 to determine water surface profiles and Corps methodology to conduct an error analysis of the profiles. (Atkins-Benham/Grand River Dam Authority)  

Bethel Rural Water System Model

    Simulation of various pump and tower operation plans to determine the best combination of pipe, pump, and tower improvements for a rural water service district. Used EPANETmodel for flows and pressures and extended period simulations. (Painter Consulting Engineers/Pottowattomie Development Authority)  

Bolewood Storm Sewer Improvements, Tulsa

    Evaluated a set of potential storm water management options to alleviate flooding. Used HEC-1 for rainfall-runoff and detention pond routing and EPA-SWMM to evaluate the hydraulics of proposed storm sewer improvements. (Atkins-Benham/City of Tulsa)  

Chisholm Mall, Duncan

    Determined if proposed building construction in current parking areas which were included in the FEMA floodplain and floodway would actually be in the path of the 100-year flood. Used HEC-2 to determine the flow split around the mall and through a culvert under the mall. (Grundmann and Munda)  

Sanitary Sewer, Stillwater

    Determined the additional capacity required for the Southwest Trunk Sewer to accommodate additional development and annexation. Used EPA-SWMM to model sewer hydraulics. (City of Stillwater)  

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