Modeling Specialist
Hydrology, hydraulics, innovative  solutions

Assessment Model for Sediment Control Structures
Development of a simplified design model based on the Sedimot sediment-routing model

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Hydrology - Hydraulics - Sediment Control - Master Planning

 University Research

Professional Societies

Civic Involvement

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Expertise In:

Master Planning

    Stormwater and Flood Control

    Water Distribution Systems

    Sanitary Sewer Systems

Stormwater Management



Water Resources Education

    Workshops and short courses

    Manual and instructional aid development

Analysis and Modeling

    Rainfall - Runoff, Flood Routing

    Water Surface Profiles

    Unsteady Flow and Dam Breaching

    Storm Sewers

    Water Distribution Networks

    Sanitary Sewers

FEMA Floodplains

    Applications for Map Revisions, LOMRs and CLOMRs

    Applications for LOMAs

Statistics and Model Development

    Low-impact development  BMPs

    Sediment trapping design aids

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